The Punisher v1.0 Resolution Mod –

The Punisher v1.0 Resolution Mod –

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Title: The Punisher
Release date: April 12, 2004
Engine: Havok
Mode(s): Single-player
Writer(s): Michael Breault; Garth Ennis; Jimmy Palmiotti
Producer(s): Rick White
Developers: Deep Silver Volition, Amplified Games

Frank Castle’s life changed dramatically on this very day – the day of the murder of his family. Part of Frank’s soul died along with his family, giving way to cold, ruthless and all-consuming hatred. It was on this day that the exemplary family man Castle disappeared and the one who would drive the last nail into the coffin of the deceased named “crime” was born. Not ashamed of the dirtiest tricks, the Punisher begins to administer justice!

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